Christmas ornament #1


Christmas ornament/ figurine

Many other handmade ornaments to come

Angel with aureola and red song book.
Wings are made with transparent clay and gold color powder.
I also added gold color powder to different parts of the dress.
Black waxed cord is incorporated to the design.
No hanging devices needed.
He is made over a Christmas light for shape and lightness
He weighs 37g (1.31oz)
and is approx 3 1/2 inches X 2 inches X 1 1/2 inches

**Original ornament for those who wants something special each year to decorate the Christmas tree or anywhere in the house.**

This is an indoor ornament.
Although this is made with a strong and durable medium
special care has to be taken.
Do not hang outside or leave in car too long in freezing weather
because the glass may cause the cured clay to crack.
I say > because this happened twice in 10 years!
(small and barely noticable but... and the design will still be Ok)

 *Please specify designs and colors in the box for special orders.

Dimensions may slightly vary because everything is handmade.
Original and unique Christm as ornament(no 2 will be identical), a must for any collector or simply to give as a gift to a special someone.

  • Please note:

Polymer clay is cured in a domestic oven and hardens to a solid plastic but not unbreakable . Be vigilant with children and domestic animals.

I use liquid FIMO clay to add strength to small parts and add 2 coats of waterbased varnish for protection and easy cleaning

All of my work is original, handmade without the use of any molds or paint, for this piece I used colored powder for cheeks details. Every piece is unique and signed.

Ask for any design you want in special requests. They are always welcome. Everything is made to your specifications.

I list new items frequently, so come back often to see what's new!

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Special requests are welcome for this item. Please indicate your specifications.

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